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We are the premiere white glove Google Ads solution in the real estate marketplace. We pride ourselves on excellence, education and transparency.

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Area Analysis

Every Entity

Our system analyzes your area's cities, subdivisions, condos, zip codes, and school districts. Each individual entity is weighed by it's average sales price, number of units sold, Google Ad keyword traffic, Google Ad cost per click and agent input. That weight provides the list of most lucrative digital farm areas.

A lead's quality can be pre determined by the context of their search.

  • 1.
    Value & Frequency

    We utilize active and sold information (when available) to determine the quality of lead generated from an area.

  • 2.
    Google Ads Cost & Volume

    We identify the individual entities that have the greatest search volume and least compeition.

  • 3.
    Agent Input

    No one knows that real estate landscape better then a real estate agent. We comb through the identified opportunities and prioritize the agent's budget in desired working areas.

Our Algorithm

increases lead quality and reduces lead costs.

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Niche Analysis

Every Niche

We analyze your areas for searches seeking new construction, waterfront property, golf course communities, gated communities, retirement communities, foreclosures, reo, short sales (if you are in to that), and dozens of other niches.

We're a custom outfit. Ask us to target something!

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Additional Apps

Seller Lead Generation

Don't forget our seller lead generation solutions. The technology was developed to assist our Google Ads users since their websites are geared towards buyer leads.

We provide both a "what is my home worth" style app for lead generation on Facebook and an entire network website designed to do what sites like homelight charge thousands a month.

We're constantly creating new things, it's what we do!

Pricing plans

Better Service.
Comparable Pricing.

We out perform our competitors and charge the around the same price. The odds are you are paying more for less right now.

All contracts are month - to - month.

Fully Refundable (within 60 days) Set Up Fee of $1,000.

In most cases an agent can pause their current service provider and be live with us in as little as 3 days without spending more or less money from their monthly budget!

Under $1,000 Ad Spend

  • Cities
  • Subdivisions
  • Condos
  • Zip Codes
  • School Districts

Above $1,000 Ad Spend

  • Cities
  • Subdivisions
  • Condos
  • Zip Codes
  • School Districts
  • What is my Home Worth
  • Seller Network
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